Hi, I hope you enjoy reading through these five reasons why you should be taking loads of family photos! I am sure we’re all guilty of not taking enough photographs of our family, or taking lots but leaving them on our phones for nobody to see, or maybe losing them all when you update your phone. Let’s make 2018 the year to be an awesome family photographer!

So here are my five reasons to take more family photographs:

Memory jogger

I am in the process of reading an awesome book called The Whole Brain Child, and it reminded me that we have an implicit memory and explicit memory. Our implicit memory manages things that we just do automatically which is an awful lot of everyday tasks, from changing nappies, making a cup of tea, and driving. Our explicit memory is different, and we need associations to recall events, and when we do there is a good chance that we’re missing a few pieces of the puzzle. A great way to recall these memories is looking through photographs; these can be recent memories and it’s just nice to re-live that moment, or they can be memories from decades ago that we had forgotten about until now seeing the photo.

Kids change so fast

We all change through our lives, but it’s a lot more prevalent with our children. At times it doesn’t feel like they’re really changing much because we see them every day. It’s usually when a relative visits and says the classic lines of how much the kids have changed 😊. The visitor sees these changes because they have had some time since they last saw your child. If you’re not taking photographs on a regular basis you will be missing lots of different phases of your child’s life that should be documented. In reality though, we all change as we get older and that’s why this rule shouldn’t just apply to children! Make sure the whole family is photographed – including you!


This is a morbid topic, but it’s part of life that we often don’t want to think about. When I look at photographs of my parents, and photos of me and my parents we have a limited selection. It makes me worry about having a good collection of images that I can look back on in the future. My Mum isn’t keen on having her photo taken – neither am I to be honest, and this plays a role in why we’re limited on the number of photos taken during the last few decades. When we went away for a big family weekend last year, Jenna made a point of getting a natural photo of me with my folks as we sat outside enjoying the sunshine and having a cup of tea. Those are the photos that I want, not posed or fake ones, real memories of us doing things as a family!

There is no excuse

A good reason to take more photographs of your family is that there is no excuse not to do so! We don’t need to buy film, carry a camera around, and then get the film developed at the lab. Of course you can do those things and shoot film, but my point is that most of us always have a camera with us, our mobile phone! If you have run out of space on your phone, I can hopefully help you with some hints and tips at a later date. Make an effort to take a photo or two every single day: you could turn this into your 2018 project.

You can’t turn back time

If nothing else, make sure you take plenty of decent photographs because you cannot turn back time. Unless you believe that “Back to the Future” is real, you’re going to keep moving along through life, and so will your family. Once you miss those moments it’s too late! Surely at some point you have looked back at photos and found a huge gap in the timeline and wished you had more images? Has someone special past away, and you wished you had more photos together? So, think ahead and imagine yourself ten or twenty years from now, and visualise what your photographs will mean to you, your partner, and your kids!

Enjoy some of my family photos below, and perhaps look at this page if you want to know more about me photographing your family

B&W photo of little girl reaching over a fence

Family dancing in the street

Mum hugging young son whilst outside

Black and white photo of kids bathtime

Family sitting outside enjoying a cup of tea

B&W photo of family bowling whilst mum helps daughter

Young girl in striped dress in funland

Kids enjoying the penny machines at funland in southport

Young girl reading her school book whilst on the carpet

B&W photo of family looking at the map at chester zoo

Brother and sister watching the giraffes at chester zoo

B&W image of young boy using instax wide camera

Black and white photo of young girl with her hand on her head because of ice cream brain freeze

Dad and daughter feeding animals at windmill animal farm

Young girl in purple hoodie feeding a goat

Black and white photo of two brothers giving a piggy back

Boy riding a large peddle go-kart

Young girl having her face painted at a local charity event

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