Hi, I’m Steve Chaplin and I believe that everyone should enjoy what they’re doing and be passionate about both their home-life and work-life. I absolutely love my job and strive to offer the best experience I can for my clients. I love living in the north west, being by the coast, and breathing in the sea air when I get chance. I make an effort to look after the environment at work and also in our family home; I follow a vegan diet to gain its health benefits, reduce harm to animals, and protect our planet.



Steve is the primary photographer and owner at Steve Chaplin Photography. Steve is always striving to improve everything in the business and looking for new photography inspriration.

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As well as being Steve’s fiancee, Jenna is the second photographer and love’s documenting wedding days as much as Steve. Together they work in harmony and produce a great wedding day story.

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Life’s too short – So why did I choose to be a wedding photographer? Well, life is good at guiding us through both the good times and the bad times without much influence from ourselves. We can however choose to make some important decisions that will positively impact our lives and those around us.
My wife was diagnosed with cancer for the second time, and at that point there was no cure. I was left as the sole parent of my young children, and quite frankly in a mess. I picked myself back up and realised that life is too short for going along with the flow, and it was time to make some awesome decisions.
We’re in an amazing place in our lives now, I found the most amazing woman to be my fiancé and we’re getting married in 2018. The kids are all settled, enjoying life and growing up fast. Finally, I love my job as a wedding photographer and I never want that to change.
What else? – When I am not shooting weddings I am usually taking photos of something. I love to try different types of photography as it helps me develop my skills and appreciate the art of photography in a new way. At home I use a lot of film cameras as it adds another dimension to my photography and makes me appreciate the images more after I have developed them at home.
I am passionate about all photography (especially documenting people) and want all of my clients to be excited by the images I create for them.

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As a documentary photographer I love photographing people! It just so happens that I think weddings are the best place to create those great candid photographs as there can be a lot of opportunity to see love, friendship, laughter, and tears of joy. As a documentary photographer I want to capture a moment in time without influencing what people are doing. I believe this adds another dimension to the image and helps the viewer feel like they’re actually there.
Here’s a few photographs of the kids on a recent day out


I’ve mentioned my style of photography and basically it’s far from being a traditional wedding photographer. I think that how a lot of couples interpret wedding photography is based on their parents, and what happened when they went to a friend’s wedding. There is a good chance (especially from the parents) that the wedding photography was traditional and contained many formal elements. You can still hire plenty of photographers who work in this way and want to line everyone up for group photographs, but personally I don’t like it and would rather spend my time looking for moments; I am sure your guests will appreciate not having to feel awkward whilst standing in a line for the traditional wedding photographer too.


I’m sure you would like to see my wedding photography portfolio which is regularly updated to help keep it fresh and relevant for my clients. Looking through a portfolio is a great way to see a varied sample of photographs from different locations, different people, different weather, and different lighting conditions. If we meet face to face my wedding photography portfolio is also in a sample album which enables you to see and feel how amazing the Folio Albums products are, and to see my photographs printed.

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