Walking back down the aisle, and showing the awesome ceiling in St George's Hall

Photographing Andrew and Anna’s boho wedding at the Oh Me Oh My in Liverpool was a fun day filled with love and friendship. The weather was definitely against us in Liverpool, but everyone was in great spirits and moved around the different venues whilst managing to stay dry.  Hopefully you can see in the wedding photographs the rustic and boho theme that the Anna and Andrew created for their special day. It’s honestly great to see couples who are happy to break away from standard wedding traditions, because at the end of the day, the wedding day is their celebration!

Getting ready for the wedding ceremony

Both the bride and groom were getting ready in a local Liverpool hotel which meant that it was straightforward to create photographs of both of them. Bride Anna had a relaxed start to the wedding day whilst she was getting ready with her bridesmaid and her daughter Amelie. The light in the hotel room had great contrast and direction which helped to create some dramatic photographs of the bridal prep environment. Once everyone was ready, it was time for us to head over to the wedding ceremony in a silver Liverpool wedding taxi.

Bridesmaid having her make up professionally done by the make up artist

Bride sitting on the floor blow drying her hair

Bridesmaid spraying hairspray onto the bride

Silhouette photograph of the bridesmaid on the phone to reception

Bridesmaid sitting cross legged on the floor

The bride's feet

MUA putting the make up on the bride in the hotel room

Bridesmaid enjoying a class of prosecco whilst she is in her PJs and has rollers in her hair

Silhouette photograph of the bride getting ready

Bride and bridesmaid in their PJs whilst they get ready for the wedding ceremony. Colour photo

Bride on the sofa with her young daughter whilst they get ready.

Groom sorting his pocket square.

Groom getting ready for the ceremony and looking into the mirror whilst he fixes his tie

Groom sitting on the sofa before he leaves for the ceremony

Bride putting on her wedding shoes

Bridal party getting ready in the hotel

Wedding ceremony at St George’s Hall

The wedding ceremony itself was at St George’s Hall in Liverpool, which is a huge and classic space and will compliment most weddings. One of the traditions that Anna and Andrew decided to change was how they walked down the aisle. Traditionally the bride walks down the aisle with whoever is “giving the bride away”, but the they would both enter the ceremony room and walk down the aisle together. The ceremony was a beautiful time of the day with a few tears, a few laughs, and lots of smiles.

After the ceremony, we all stayed for a few drinks at the bar which gave everyone chance to catch up with friends and say congratulations to the bride and groom.

Bridal party getting out of the Liverpool wedding taxi

Bridesmaid and flowergirl entering the concert room at St George's Hall in Liverpool

Bride and groom entering the concert room at St George's Hall

Bride and Groom walking down the aisle swedish style before the wedding

Photograph from the back of St George's hall as the bride and groom get married.

Excited bride during the wedding ceremony. Colour photograph.


Wedding hugs at St George's Hall in Liverpool

Daughter hugging brides legs

Oh Me Oh My Wedding Reception

The wedding breakfast and reception was held at the Oh Me Oh My in Liverpool, and I want to say that I just love the character of the space. The look and feel of Oh Me Oh My complimented Andrew and Anna’s boho wedding theme and provided a great space for the guests to move around. Some venues have “pockets” of space and I notice that guests split into groups which dilutes the overall atmosphere of the wedding day. This didn’t happen at the Oh Me Oh My wedding, and therefore it’s definitely a Liverpool wedding venue that I would recommend to couples planning their special day.

The speeches took place before the high-tea style wedding breakfast, and we were treated to multiple best man speeches as Andrew had chosen so many! The afternoon or high tea wedding breakfast was a great idea, and perhaps encouraged guests to have a brew and not just drink booze 😊 Later on in the evening it took a few minutes for staff to create a little more space for dancing, and once the band was setup, it was time for the bride and groom’s first dance.

Children at a wedding

Fixing the wedding cake with fingers

Fixing the boho bride headpiece

Granddaughter and granddad trying to blow out a candle at the wedding

Guests arriving in the oh me oh my Liverpool

Grandad and grandson at the wedding

Bride and groom making an entrance

Boho wedding breakfast of afternoon tea at the oh me oh my liverpool

Grooms speech at the oh me oh my in Liverpool

Guests touching and showing physical emotion during the speeches

Great bride reaction to the groom's speech

Mum's looking after the babies during the wedding speeches

Loving wedding guests listening to the wedding speeches

The reaction to the best mans speech as the bride and groom look very embarrassed.

Wedding guests looking after the babies at the wedding

Oh me oh my liverpool sign on the window.

Bride and mother of the bride hugging. Black and white photo

Bride and Groom doing pulp fiction song as first dance

First dance of the bride and groom

 Lots of wedding guests dancing to the band

Mother of the bride dancing. Colour photograph

Wedding guests dancing at the oh me oh my Liverpool

Birdseye view of the bride and groom dancing

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