All you need to know is how awesome Jan, Nick, their family, their friends, and the Dale House Lodge is! We had never been to the hotel before, but I knew it was going to be an amazing day because Jan and Nick are absolutely awesome people. Whatever they had planned for their wedding day would be genuine, full of love, and meant for everyone to enjoy it.

I am sure that you can see in the wedding photographs how much fun the day was and how much in love Jan and Nick are! Just re-watching the slideshow now is an emotional event because of how much they obviously love each other.

Basically, everyone had an awesome day at Jan and Nick’s wedding! They drank lots, ate lots, enjoyed Grasmere, chatted with friends and family, and then had a great nights sleep at the Dale Lodge Hotel.

It was a true honour to photograph this wedding day!

Below is a selection of photographs, but if you want to see more, check out the Dale House Lodge wedding slideshow here


The make up artist is helping the bride get ready at the dale lodge hotel

B&W image of the flowergirl lying on the bed waiting to get ready

The hairdresser is putting the tiara in the brides hair whilst getting ready in the hotel bedroom

B&W photo as the groom tries on his suit jacket in front of a round mirror

The best man is helping the groom with his tie

The best man is helping his brother the groom to get dressed

The groom and best man are waiting for the ceremony to start at Dale lodge

Bridal party waiting for the wedding ceremony

B&W photo as the bride walks down the hotel stairs before the ceremony

Bride and groom during the ceremony at the dale house lodge in grasmere

A very excited bride and groom when they were told that they're officially married

B&W photo of the first kiss

Bride and groom being silly outside the dale lodge hotel in grasmere

Bride and groom outside the gingerbread shop in grasmere

Bride and groom kissing at during the wedding breakfast

Black and white photo of the best mans speech that he is reading from his phone

Groom drinking whisky from a special silver cup

B&W photograph of the wedding first dance

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