Grace in a alder hey hospital bed

Have you ever regretted not taking photographs after an event has passed? This doesn’t have to be a kids birthday party; It could be something in everyday life such as the first time your child loses a tooth, a day out. or when they get a special award from school.

Me too…

You know, even as a photographer (and a parent) I miss things in my personal life too. Sometimes I wish I had taken photos of a moment or a particular day, so at the end of last year when my daughter Grace had to go to Alder Hey hospital for surgery, I took my camera with me.

I didn’t photograph this day in the same way I would for my clients, as I had to be a Dad to my little six year old too! I wanted the photographs to be important, but not at the cost of being a bad Dad.

We were being really upbeat with Grace at all times as we didn’t want her to worry and get upset. I think in reality she was very worried on the inside, and she was hiding it well. Grace was a brave little girl and came home the same day, a little groggy, but she was happy the day was over.

Soon after, I edited the images and put them into a little slideshow. I watched it a few times, and every time I did it brought back all the emotions from time at the hospital! The next day, I showed Grace the slideshow and quickly she broke down in tears! All that emotion that she was keeping inside came rushing out and enabled her to process what had happened to her. Grace called this day “my hospital adventure”.

I am so glad I took those photographs, at times I wish I had taken more as there are a few gaps in the story, but I was being a Dad too and made best balance between photographer and Parent on the day.

Why is this story important? It’s one of the things that made me decide to expand my documentary photography to include Family Photography Sessions; It’s also important because I know we will see those images in years to come as it was an important part of Grace’s life.



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