My approach as a documentary wedding photographer allows you to enjoy your wedding day as you planned to. What does that mean? When you’re dreaming of your ideal wedding are you thinking of standing around for photographs whilst other people are having fun? Are you thinking that you can be told where to stand, what to do with your hands, and to kiss someone on demand? If the answer is “yes”, you need to keep looking for your wedding photographer. Do you hate having your photograph taken? Hate it so much that you even consider not having a photographer at your wedding? If the answer is “yes”, then there is a great chance I’m your ideal photographer!



As a documentary wedding photographer, I will tell your wedding photo story, and I do this by joining in a little, having the odd chat, enjoying a few laughs with you and your guests, and also sneakily taking photos when nobody is looking. I find that if everyone feels more comfortable around me they will just carry on like I wasn’t even there. Often at weddings some guests seem more like the “official photographer” as they’re telling people what to do and to stop and smile for the camera etc. To be honest that makes me cringe and it’s just “not me” as I want to photograph moments, document your wedding day, and at times blend into the background. The collection of images that I capture on your wedding day will all piece together to create a beautiful and accurate wedding photo story of all the little events to make one big picture.



I don’t create traditional wedding photography as I find it too overwhelming for everyone at the wedding, and I think the photographs have no character or real meaning. If you looked at a wedding photographer’s portfolio and it was full of couples and guests standing in a straight line, perhaps looking a bit stiff, and smiling awkwardly, would you want to book them? Personally, I wouldn’t enjoy looking at those photos, and therefore I don’t produce them.

real moments




My wedding photography packages always include a full day of photography; I generally start documenting your wedding day a couple of hours before the ceremony starts as this gives enough time to photograph the bride and bridesmaids getting ready. I will continue to create candid wedding photographs through the day and build a series of images for your wedding story. After your first dance it will be time for me to pack up my cameras, but for those of you that are expecting an amazing party, I can offer extended hours of coverage. On top of the documentary wedding photography I provide awesome handmade albums, USB memory sticks, a second photographer, and parent albums too.

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