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I’m a family photographer in Liverpool and love traveling to visit families in the Merseyside and Lancashire for family photo shoots. My approach to photography means you will be comfortable and relaxed during the documentary family photography session as I won’t direct you, or ask you to look at the camera. I see so many examples of family photography in studios where the kids are looking the wrong way as someone is trying to get them to smile and behave, and the parents are looking awkward in their new matching clothes, and holding a fake smile for a long time. How do we solve this problem and create the best family photographs that show everyone’s personality? Keep reading………..

What is documentary family photography?

We lead busy lives and time just flies by, our children grow up, and before we know it we’re wishing everyone “Happy New Year” again! Photography captures those moments and memories so we can enjoy them again and again. In my opinion, sitting in front of a traditional white studio background staring at the camera doesn’t create family moments or capture special memories, but documentary family photography does!

Documentary family photography is relaxing because we’re in an location that you know and love, and you can continue interacting with each other just like you normally do. Throughout the family portrait session I am quietly taking photographs and documenting all the individual details with my camera, which will create a long series of images that will encapsulate your personalities.

Documentary family photography allows you to enjoy your time as a family, whilst I capture the story and moments with no posing or “say cheese”. This approach creates natural, fun, and real photos of your family like you have never seen before in your home or favourite outdoor location.

Sit back and enjoy this recent Liverpool family photographer slideshow

Before our family photoshoot

Before the family photoshoot we will have a chat on the phone about your family and I will explain how I approach the session to create the best photographs for you. We will agree the best date and time for me to arrive and photograph your family, and I will send you all the payment details for the


What happens on the day of our family photography session?

This is an exciting day as we get to create some amazing family photography that you will treasure. We will meet at the agreed time and location, which is most likely your home. It works well for us to have a cup of tea, a chat, and let you and your family get used to me being in your home. Gradually I will start the family photo shoot and taking photographs of all the different things going on; This could be baby having their lunch, Dad playing snap with one of the kids, or someone having a hug as they needed comforting.

The typical family photoshoot lasts for two hours of photography, however we can discuss your household and how I can best tell your family story.

How do we see our family photographs?

Seeing your family photographs is the best part! After the family photoshoot, the photographs are edited, and I will upload them to a private online gallery for you. In the gallery you can enjoy looking through all the proofs and choose a digital and print package that you will treasure the most.

Family Photographer Pricing

The family photography session fee for two hours is £200 at the weekend, and £150 between Monday and Friday; The session fee is for your family photoshoot in your home or agreed location, and includes all my travel costs, and the time to carefully edit your family photographs to a high standard.

I also offer four hour, and full day sessions which is known as Day in the Life photography. Contact me to discuss your requirements for your family photoshoot, and I will happily help you find the best solution to document your precious family.

I have a range of print and digital packages which you can order after I have uploaded your family photo proofs to the private online gallery. The process is really simple, and it’s very popular to choose a photobook and digital files for online sharing with friends and family. The photobook and digital packages start at £375.



How long will the session take?

The standard documentary family photography session will last for approximately two hours. Before booking the photoshoot we can discuss the best amount of time to create great images of your family.

Can we order more prints?

Of course, you can select images to order from the online gallery.

Can we order the digital files?

Yes, I offer packages containing the digital files and prints.

How do I book my session?

Use the contact form at the bottom of this webpage to get in touch and start your documentary family photography journey.

Who are you taking photos of?

Documentary family sessions are designed to photograph all of you as you interact with each other in a normal and relaxed way. This is not just photographs of the kids.

Prints and Digital Photos

There is no doubt in my mind that the best way to enjoy your photographs is when they’re printed! As I am photographing a story, I don’t feel that hanging one print on your wall is the best way to enjoy what I create for you; I recommend having a photobook of your favourite 100 family photos from the photoshoot.

If you prefer not to purchase prints as you prefer to only have the digital files, this is an option too.

The digital and print packages start at £375.

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