As a Liverpool Wedding Photographer, I create wedding photographs in local venues eg St George’s Hall in Merseyside that will transport you back to your crazy loved filled wedding day.

creating natural wedding photos in Liverpool, Merseyside

Wedding photographers do have different approaches to all aspects of their photography service. The important thing to know is that it’s not just about the pictures! If you have been to a few weddings you might have an idea of how some Liverpool Wedding Photographers like to work on the day. I think many people now have a pre-conceived idea of what a wedding photographer is like based on these experiences.

What’s different about me? First of all, I believe that the experience that I provide is important. I want to contribute to the wedding as a calm person and working discreetly around you and your guests. I don’t tell people what to do, when to smile, and where to put their hands; The reason that I work this way is to create real and natural looking wedding photographs. A persons natural smile will be much more beautiful and comfortable than a forced one.

A Liverpool wedding is about two people in love who want to celebrate and share their love with friends and family. As a Liverpool Wedding Photographer I want to create photos that tell the story of the day, at the same time as not disturbing you or your guests.

As mentioned above, the experience on the Liverpool wedding day is really important, but it’s good to think about what happens before and after the wedding. As a Liverpool Wedding Photographer, I know that you will have a lot to do before your wedding day. To make it easier for both of us I keep our activity before and after your wedding day straight-forward. If you want to know more, have a read through this section where I explain my process in more details.

I love Liverpool wedding photography?

I love being a Liverpool Wedding Photographer because I enjoy photographing people, and there are lots of them at weddings. I love photographing all the reactions, hugs, love, laughter, and funny facial expressions; but there is one thing that I want to photograph the most, and it’s the story of your wedding day!

There are a few things that you will have after your wedding day is over, but only the photography will be able to take you back to all the special moments each time you look at what I have created.


how to find your ideal Liverpool wedding photographer

Finding your ideal Liverpool wedding photographer is an important task! We are sure that you have spent a lot of time researching your wedding venue somewhere in Merseyside, and definitely spent a lot of time looking for your ideal wedding dress! We’re going to be biased at Steve Chaplin Photography, as we think the Liverpool wedding photographer that you select is very important.

The two important elements that you should think about are:

The wedding photographs

Do you love the wedding photographs that you see on the Liverpool wedding photographers website, facebook page, and instagram etc? If you’re considering booking them, then the answer should be YES.

If you can see yourself in the wedding images, then think about your venue and personality and how that’s suited to this style of wedding photography.

The wedding photography experience

You won’t get a true understanding of the wedding photography experience just by looking at the photographs, but you can start to get a feeling of what happened. If people are looking directly at the camera and looking in a traditional pose, then they probably have been told what to do. Personally, I don’t like this way of working as I want to provide a relaxed and unscripted experience for you and your guests. This means I can capture the memories and moments that naturally occur, and you can celebrate the love and marriage of your wedding day.

To start understanding this, read the content on the Liverpool wedding photographers website, see what the client reviews say, and finally book time to speak to the photographer.


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