Finding your perfect wedding venue is hard! As a newly engaged couple, looking for your venue is probably one of the first tasks you will work on, and then consequently set your wedding date. Sounds easy right? Realistically if you want that perfect wedding then you need to put some work into this step, but it’s really worth it! You might get lots of advice from friends and family, but this is your wedding and I recommend going through my process to figure out what’s important to you on your wedding day.

Let’s start from the beginning

Create a list of important requirements for your venue, such as:

1. Fit’s within my allocated budget, or I don’t have a true understanding of the cost of a wedding and I need to get multiple quotes.

2. The venue manages the band, DJ, caterers, decorations, and the bar for me. I know I want to use certain caterers to meet my ethical and dietary requirements, and the venue needs to be flexible with my choice.

3. We want to be the only couple getting married at the venue on our wedding day

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4. I want to get married at my local church, and the venue needs to be within 30 minutes travel after the ceremony. Alternatively you want to have the ceremony and reception at the same venue.

5. I want a remote wedding in the countryside.

6. I want the venue staff to understand my wedding day and demonstrate trust and confidence in what they’re proposing to me.

7. Most of my guests are travelling from other towns and cities, therefore guest accommodation needs to be at the venue or be close to B&Bs and hotels.

8. Does my venue need plenty of parking or easy access for public transport? Do I need to hire a coach to transport everyone from the church to the reception venue?

9. If I am choosing a hotel I would like dedicated bar and outside areas for my wedding guests.

10. Whatever the time of year it can rain in the UK. I need a good amount of indoor space in case we cannot be outside.

11. I know I want a certain band or photographer – check their availability before 100% confirming your wedding date with the venue.

Now that you have created your list of requirements you’re on your way to finding your perfect wedding venue.

Be realistic

You might find a venue that meets all of your requirements, but you also might need to make some compromises too. Do some research online and then go and make some appointments with the venues so you can view them. Remember to ask they will be setup for a wedding on a particular day as you will get a much better idea of how the venue could look for you. A function room can look huge when it’s empty, but when you put all the large round tables in the room it could look very small and cramped.

Time of year

The time of year that you will get married will usually impact the cost of your wedding. Typically summertime is more expensive because there is more demand from couples. Not all venues calculate their pricing this way so be vigilant when reviewing their offer. Have a good conversation together about the time of year as you could end up in this scenario:

July wedding, when the weather should be nicer, we’re at our third choice of wedding venue due to our budget constraints, and there is another couple getting married here too. Our first choice was too much money in July.

October wedding, our ideal venue fits within our budget, there is plenty of indoor space, I bought a long sleeve dress to make sure I am not cold. The background to our photos will always look beautiful because we chose our perfect venue. We might not use the outdoor space as it’s quite cold today.

Light & Bright or Dark & Moody

The lighting and colour scheme within a venue will impact both the atmosphere and your photographs. Personally I believe that a light & bright venue is more likely to increase your guests enjoyment of your wedding day. The photos taken by your guests are more likely to be a success as their cameras (probably on their phone) will struggle in low light situations.

I hope this article has helped you with your wedding planning. Please contact me if you would like to discuss your wedding day.


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