At the beginning of September I had the privilege of photographing Ange & Gray’s wedding at Sheldrakes in the Wirral. This is a couple that generally don’t like having their photograph taken, and perhaps don’t see their natural beauty. The approach that I take at every wedding was the solution to giving them a great experience, and creating photographs that will remind them of their wedding day forever.

Looks posed but isn’t

One of the moments that stood out to me was later on in the day. It’s not my style to pose couples and tell them what to do, as I think it can look un-natural and it doesn’t create images that I enjoy.

What about the “couples/portrait photographs” I see on your website? To create a photograph of just the bride and groom, I just ask them to take a walk for five minutes and just enjoy each other’s company. This will create some natural moments, whether it’s a special look, a gorgeous smile, or a gentle kiss.

After Ange and Gray had spent those few minutes together outside by the boats, I heard Ange say that she didn’t want the day to end, she wanted to pause it! There is such a build up to a wedding day and sometimes reality can “kick in” on the day that it’s going to end and the princess/fairy-tale feeling will be over.

I believe that the wedding photographs that I create “pause the day” just like Ange wanted, and whenever she looks at the images she will be taken back to feel just like she was there.

About Sheldrakes

Sheldrakes restaurant in Lower Heswall, Wirral is a fantastic venue for a wedding. The views are stunning, the inside is good relaxed space, and the staff are friendly and helpful. You can see in some of the photographs how awesome the venue looks, especially as it’s been decorated by Sweet Pea and Ivy.

Some Wedding Photographs

I hope you enjoy this collection of wedding photographs from this very special wedding day.

Bride and bridesmaid having a hug

Bride opening a bottle of champagne

Groom and groomsmen looking at the wedding rings

Button hole flower being put onto the groom's suit jacket

Bride having her make up done before the ceremony

Wedding guests enjoying the garden before leaving for the ceremony

Wedding dog lying down

Beautiful bride

Smiling bride in the mirror whilst she has her hair done

Bride having her hair done

Bride just got into her wedding dress

Wedding guests waiting for the ceremony to start

Groom waiting for his bride

Father of the bride getting out of the wedding car

Bride in her wedding car

Bride and father walking into the ceremony

The first look from the groom to his bride

Groom is really happy to see his bride after she walks down the aisle

Brides shoes

Wedding guests standing up during the ceremony

Wedding guest filming the ceremony

The first kiss of the bride and groom

 Bride and Groom just after their first kiss

Happy wedding guests

Happy bride and groom walking down the aisle after the wedding ceremony

Bride and Groom stroking their dog after the ceremony

Wedding hugs at the Sheldrakes wedding in the Wirral

Wedding guest with their head in their hands

Lots of guests taking photos. Good idea to have an unplugged wedding.

Wedding dogs

Sheldrakes Wedding hugs

Bride and Groom walking up the stairs into Sheldrakes

Bride and Groom being passed their first Sheldrakes Wedding drink

Wedding hugs with the bride and guests

Wedding guests enjoying the view at Sheldrakes Restaurant

Wedding decorations created by Sweetpea and Ivy

Hair being blown in female wedding guest face as she is on the balcony at the Sheldrakes wedding

Guest pulling a funny face

Bride and Groom enjoying a relaxing wedding and sitting on the Sheldrakes balcony

Bride and Groom being announced into Sheldrakes for their wedding breakfast

Sheldrakes building in the Wirral

Wedding guests showing their love for each other

Grooms fun reaction during the best mans speech

Bride and Groom natural moment whilst walking outside Sheldrakes Restaurant

Sheldrakes Wedding Photography

Bride and groom relaxed portrait outside sheldrakes

Bride and groom first dance. Black and white photograph

Sheldrakes wedding

Groom dancing with his brother at Sheldrakes in the Wirral

Black and white photo of wedding guests dancing

Wedding guests dancing to live music at sheldrakes

Sheldrakes Wedding Photography by Steve Chaplin, providing a calm and documentary wedding photography experience.  Steve is based in Southport, and photographs weddings in the UK.

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