When you ask “Should I feed my wedding photographer?” to a group of wedding photographers, you will find a variety of strong opinions! This is my view.

Personally, it doesn’t bother me to bring my own food. I know what kind of food I like, and I’m an adult who can pack my “car picnic” before leaving home. Photographers argue that they’re working for twelve hours or more, and they need to eat, and they’re right. However, that doesn’t mean that you (the bride and groom) need to provide that food. In the past, some couples have organised a meal, or left some money behind the bar for me to choose something, and I am very grateful that they did that for me! I think the difference is that I didn’t request, demand, or expect it, and therefore it was my client’s decision to think of me in that way. Last night I had a call with one of my lovely clients, and they told me they had organised some food for us. It was such a nice gesture that they have thought of us on their wedding day, but I would rather they save their money and time.

Should I feed wedding supplier

I am happy to bring my own wedding photographer food

I follow a vegan diet and some venues seem to struggle creating a meal just made from things that grow in the ground 😊

When you’re having your wedding breakfast, I tend to take a short break too. I have some food, I put my cameras down, and let my body and brain rest for a few minutes. I don’t think photographing people whilst they’re eating works too well, and I am sure they won’t like it too. Most people don’t like having their photo taken, so it makes sense they really won’t like it whilst they’re enjoying their meal.

I like chatting with people and being around wedding guests, but it means I am always “on show”. Therefore, when you’re eating, and I’m taking some time away, it’s an important break to re-charge my brain. If I was sitting with guests sharing the same meal as them I would be still chatting away and being super polite etc. There is only so much of that I can take in a day 🙂 .

Weddings are expensive, and you have paid me to do a job. The money you pay me includes my business expenses, and therefore I don’t believe that you should have to pay over the odds for some food for me whilst I am at your wedding venue. You will have enough to organise for your wedding, and I don’t want to add to your task list.

I am with you all day, from when you’re getting ready, until you’re having your first dance. Therefore, I bring my own food so I can snack at different points of the day (eg traveling from your home to the church, and then to the wedding reception venue).

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Food can be in a wedding photographer’s contract

I understand that some wedding photographers will stipulate that they must be provided with a hot meal, but I presume that you have carefully selected your photographer based on their work, experience, and personality. If you have found your ideal photographer, then you probably must accept their terms.

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It’s your decision

Just remember it’s your decision whether you feed your photographer. You can see my view above, and some people will agree, and some people will disagree. If you do sign a contract and the photographer (or other wedding supplier) states you need to provide a hot meal, then you should do it as you have made a legal commitment to each other.


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