Last week I spent a few hours in Southport on a photoshoot with the Parkinson family and their cute dog. As a documentary family photographer I tell a story about the family and their interactions with one another. On this occasion the family were going out for Sunday lunch so there was no cooking at home, but the kids managed to squeeze in some warm chocolate cake in to their tummies 😊 As with all of the family photoshoots my focus is to make sure everyone is comfortable around me and they will start to be themselves really quickly. This method allows the family to interact as normal, play board games, play on the xbox, and think of some role play ideas with the dolls house.

It’s common at the start of the family photoshoot for the adults to be asking “what do we do?”. The simple answer is be yourself and enjoy time with your family like you normally would. No moment is staged, however we might make an effort to go out for a walk, the park, or a local favourite place. I think because we have been trained to sit still and smile when a camera is around, it takes a few moments to change mindset to ignore the camera and be normal.

Whilst spending a couple of hours with the Parkinsons for their family photography session it was great to see how they interacted and all the little fun family moments that took place; The daughters shared a loving moment, Mum & Dad played dolls with the youngest on the lounge floor, and Dad played Fifa on the xbox with their son. When we went out to walk the dog they also brought the remote control car that their son got for Christmas, and boy was it fast! I caught a few races – car vs child and before you knew it the toy car disappeared into the distance.

Even though it was only a two hour documentary family photoshoot, I managed to capture their personalities and create photographs that they will enjoy for many years.

Daughters playing at the coffee table whilst dad and brother are in the lounge

Cute dog lying down in the lounge during the family photoshoot in southport

B&W photo of the girls playing whilst peppa pig is on the tv in the background

Black and white image of the daughters playing together

Positive message sign in the family home

Young son getting his warm chocolate cake out of the microwave

Young daughter in her red top is coming into the kitchen

Dad making coffee in the kitchen during the family portraits

Close up photo of the empty plate that their son is bringing back into the kitchen

Black and white photo of Mum wiping daughter's nose in the kitchen

Toddlers blue jeans, pink socks, on a pick step in the kitchen

Black and white portrait of Mum and her daughter

Mum helping her daughter with her iPad on the sofa

Black and white photo of the lounge whilst the family played

Dad's star wars socks and blue jeans

Toddler on the sofa smiling

Dad and his kids looking at a football book on the coffee table

Sisters sitting on the sofa together

Black and white photo of older sister kissing her younger toddler sister

Dad sitting on the sofa with his daugther

Black and white photo of Dad and his son in the lounge

Mum is helping the toddler to put on her winter boots

The toddlers boots

Young girl playing with a cute dog in the lounge

Black and white photo of the toddler girl playing on her iPad

Family portrait in southport

Toddler on the sofa whilst her older sister leans over to her.

Black and white portrait of a young boy in the lounge

Toddler is sitting on the sofa playing with her ipad whilst everyone else gets ready to go out.

Mum zipping up the pink hoodie on the young toddler

Close up photo of the toddler in her pink hoodie top

Everyone getting ready to head outside. The family are putting on their coats and boots in the lounge.

Young toddler crying in her dad's arms as she banged her head.

Family walking out of their house

The family just leaving home so they can walk the dog

Young girl wearing a bright coloured striped coat whilst walking her cute dog.

Black and white photo of the toddler on her mums shoulders as they walk along

The whole family going to walk the dog during their photoshoot

Outdoor portrait of the young toddler girl in her blue winter coat

Black and white photo of mum holding hands with the toddler whilst they walk along.

Black and white photo of both the daughters interacting with the dog whilst they're on the walk.

Black and white photo of the young boy running along outside

Young boy playing with the remote controlled car in the street.

Mum and toddler daughter with the remote for the remote controlled car. Wind has blown hair into mum's face.

Black and white photo of the family playing with the remote control car

Black and white photo of the cute dog whilst going for a walk in Southport

Toddler getting close to mum outside

Toddler in her light blue coat putting her hand on her mums back

close up photo of Mum and daughters boots

Black and white photo of the toddler and the remote control car outside

Family going for a walk with their dog

Walking the cute dog during the family photoshoot in southport

Black and white portrait of young boy whilst outside

Outdoor portrait of a toddler girl who is wearing her winter coat

Mum and daughter playing whilst out for the family walk

Black and white photo of the daughter being held upside down by her mum

Going for a walk and the younger daughters are holding hands whilst they walk.

Mum and daughters crossing the road

Beware of the kids sign which is by the house front door

Southport family photo session

Sisters playing together at the lounge coffee table

Kids playing with their puzzles as part of the documentary family photoshoot

Black and white photo of the family playing together on the lounge floor

Toddler running over to her dad to get one of his crisps

Close up photo of the toddler putting her hand into her dad's crisp packet

Black and white portrait of the toddler girl whilst she plays

Overhead photo of the toddler playing with her dolls house in the living room

A football themed room during the family photo session in Southport

Sitting behind the boys as they play xbox during their photography session

Black and white photo of father and son playing on the xbox in the boys bedroom

Toddler in her red top eating a wotsits crisp

Overhead photo of Mum and Daughter playing the board game in the lounge

Mum dragging the little girl toddler on the floor so she can change her nappy

Southport family portrait session with three kids

Family photoshoot in southport where the daughter is setting up the boardgame to play with her mum

Boy with his head in his hands after losing at fifa on his xbox

Father and son playing fifa on the xbox in a football themed bedroom

During the photoshoot the daughter is playing with her dolls house

Close up photo of a toddler playing dolls

Mum and Daughter playing a board game on the coffee table

Toddler in red top playing with her dolls house.

Southport family portrait session at home

Dad being silly and playing with son on the floor. Black and white photo

Father and son play fighting on the lounge floor

Black and white photo of young boy playing football in the garden

Close up photo of toddler playing with her dolls on the carpet

Dad playing dolls with his young daughter in the lounge

Girl lying on her bed playing with her iPad

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