In July, I had the pleasure of photographing Sarah and Jorge’s St George’s Hall Wedding. Sarah and Jorge are an amazing couple who naturally showed how much they love each other. I recall Sarah explaining how she wasn’t bothered about all the grandeur and “things” that people include at a wedding, she just wanted to marry Jorge and become his wife! That’s exactly what a wedding should be about!

Bride laughing at her mum whilst she has her make up done

Groom has an tight hug with his future mother-in-law

The groom is putting on his suit jacket with a little help from his Dad

St George’s Hall

St George’s Hall is a Grade 1 listed building in Liverpool, and it’s an amazing wedding venue both inside and out. Sarah and Jorge’s wedding was held in the Concert Room, which is a grand and opulent space, containing a stage, grand piano, and a large chandelier.

Inside the hallway at St George's Hall in Liverpool. The guests are sitting and chatting before the wedding ceremony

The concert room inside St George's Hall.

Sarah and Jorge aimed for a relax start to the day with the both of them getting ready at the nearby Hope Street Hotel. The happy couple spent some time together in the morning, and Jorge helped lower Sarah’s nerves whilst she was waiting for her hair and make up to be done. Once the bridal party was ready, the wedding car completed a few trips to transport everyone over to St George’s Hall, with Bride Sarah plus Mum and Dad being in the final run.

Wedding Nerves

Jorge was looking a little nervous (just like most grooms) when waiting for Sarah to arrive, but rest assured he started to relax once the ceremony got underway. You could just see how much love Jorge and Sarah have for each other, and how excited they were to be getting married – It might sound silly, but this doesn’t always happen. Just after Sarah was given away by her Dad, I managed to photograph him wiping a tear from his eye! Weddings are such an emotional event in life, because of their importance, the amount of time invested, and perhaps because they have been dreamt about for many years.

Bride and Groom holding hands as they say their vows to each other.

Wedding guests looking emotional after the ceremony has finished.

After the ceremony at St George’s Hall, and the confetti has been thrown on/at the bride and groom everyone headed to the Hope Street Hotel to celebrate the newlyweds, have a few drinks, chat to people, and eat some great food.

Hope Street Hotel

The views from the Hope Street Hotel balcony are just awesome! Liverpool is one of my favourite cities, and the view from the hotel is one of the reasons why. Liverpool has so much to offer whether you’re a local, a tourist, or a bride and groom. The hotel staff very attentive and friendly, which really added to the overall enjoyment for Sarah, Jorge, and all of their wedding guests. The Hope Street Hotel is a large space which has significantly grown over recent years; with multiple function rooms that easily accommodate weddings, and make sure it’s the ideal setting to celebrate the joining together of two families.

Wedding breakfast at the Hope Street Hotel in Liverpool

Wedding guests enjoying the view from the 5th floor balcony at the Hope Street Hotel.

The First Dance

After the emotional, thoughtful, and funny wedding speeches, everyone made their way to the residents’ lounge for music, some more drinks, and the arrival of the evening guests. The hotel’s function room is a great space with open brickwork, a dancefloor, plenty of seats, and a bar. Sarah and Jorge performed a great first dance, and then encouraged their friends and family to have a boogie too. It’s always good fun getting photographs of people dancing and jumping around on the dancefloor to their favourite songs as they really add to the wedding photo story.

Newlyweds having their first dance at the hotel.

Weddings dancing and jumping for joy during the evening reception

Sit back and enjoy this photofilm from Sarah and Jorge’s Wedding day at St George’s Hall and the Hope Street Hotel.


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