How many photographers do you need at a wedding? There are pros and cons to the answer that you choose. First of all, don’t choose more than two! If you hire one photographer you will be making a great decision and your wedding day will be captured discretely and creatively.

When I am photographing a wedding by myself I can capture the day from start to finish, but I cannot be in two places at once. I certainly take images from different viewpoints through the day to add to the variety of final images that I present. The challenge is choosing the best places and sometimes I am restricted to one viewpoint during certain times of the day; The most common time this will happen is during the ceremony and speeches.


What is the advantage of two photographers at a wedding?

I will generally take photos during bridal preparation, and therefore I doubt I will be able to photograph the groom getting ready. Choosing a second photographer for your wedding day means the groom will have some great images of them before the ceremony too.

I want to be discreet whilst I photograph your wedding day as I will be able to take images with more interaction and emotion. Therefore, I don’t want to be getting in the way during important moments of the day. A good example is that sometimes the church or venue is setup so I can quietly move to different viewpoints, but sometimes I am stuck in one place until the ceremony is over. If you hire two photographers as part of your wedding photography package we can plan where we position ourselves and if we’re “trapped” it doesn’t matter as much as we will have different viewpoints of the ceremony for you.

During the rest of the day when we’re taking candid and wedding photos, having two photographers simply increases the chance to get more images with fun, laughter, tears and emotion.


Two Liverpool Wedding Photographers

Liverpool Wedding Photographers

How much is a second wedding photographer?

Having a second wedding photographer is really good value, please request my wedding brochure and contact me to discuss your wedding day.

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