Unplugged wedding

How do unplugged weddings and documentary wedding photography go together? Unplugged weddings don’t need to have documentary photography, and documentary wedding photography doesn’t need to have an unplugged wedding. However, if you think a key reason why couples choose a documentary style of photography for their wedding is that they don’t like being photographed; The bride and groom just want to enjoy their day, have fun, and celebrate with friends and family.

The couple just wants everyone to have a great time

So, if the couple choose a documentary wedding photographer because they don’t like having their photo taken, then they probably don’t want their guests asking them to pose so they can take a photograph with their phone or tablet; yes, guests do bring iPads and other tablets to a wedding. Unfortunately this is a common situation at most weddings that I am photographing and documenting, and this negatively impacts the fun that the bride and groom intended on having on their wedding day.

Therefore, it seems to me that both unplugged weddings and documentary wedding photography go hand in hand.

Other benefits of an unplugged wedding

To me, the most important benefit of an unplugged wedding is that your guests will be present and aware of what is happening around them. They will get to truly witness your wedding vows, see the happiness in your faces, and enjoy the moments with those around them. I know from personal experience when you’re photographing or filming something that you don’t fully enjoy the moments and really feel part of what is happening. Think about it…..what is really going to happen with all those badly taken iPhone photos and shaky video clips of you saying I do?

Did you know when someone is filming or photographing during the ceremony, the person/people behind them probably can’t see the ceremony clearly.  If nobody has their phones, they will be naturally encouraged to speak to one another, catch up with old friends and possibly make some new ones; They sound like great benefits of an unplugged wedding!

Other benefits of documentary wedding photography

I mentioned the key benefit of documentary wedding photography for couples who don’t like their photograph being taken, but another great benefit are the photographs created as a result of this documentary style of wedding photography. As a documentary wedding photographer, my main goal is to re-tell the story of your wedding day, with no fake laughs, fake smiles, or fake moments. It’s all real and represents what truly happened.

Above is a great photo that I know the family will treasure; The mother of the bride had arranged for an owl to visit the church for her owl mad daughter, and boy was it a great surprise. In this photograph you can see the mother of the bride proudly enjoying the moment in the background, the bride’s sister and bridesmaid looking at the owl with her husband and daughter. I also love the reaction of the owl handler who clocked me taking the photograph, and therefore create another layer to the image and story.

In summary, it all sounds pretty good to me; You can enjoy your day with no interruptions from the photographer, your guests can enjoy the day with no formal photos or being bossed around, and all of your photographs are a true representation of your day ~ your wedding photo story.

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