As a vegan wedding photographer, it’s great to see a lot more people changing to a plant based diet for health, moral, and environmental reasons. Therefore, I can understand why searching for suppliers who have also made the same lifestyle decision is important. The wedding industry is huge, with many suppliers offering things that you didn’t even know you needed 😉 However, it’s not obvious to me how to easily find wedding suppliers that offer an ethical, eco-friendly, and vegan approach to their business and home life. Therefore I started to see what I could find:

Vegan Wedding Photographer

Researching vegan wedding photographer

I started to do some vegan wedding photographer research, otherwise known as, “I googled it” 😊

The search engine results didn’t come up with much, especially for us UK folk. The first position is for a wedding photographer couple based in California, third place is a photographer in New York, fourth is a USA based directory service, and I hope you get the drift; It’s hard work finding a UK Vegan Wedding Photographer.

My Vegan Life

I first became a vegetarian in the year 2000, and spent many years enjoying this diet, and seeing how shops and restaurants were becoming a lot more accommodating over time. Vegetarianism is very common now and it’s a shock when a restaurant doesn’t have a few veggie options to choose from. I had tried to swap to a vegan diet about four or five years ago, and failed; However, nearly two years ago we tried again and as a family we have made the process easy and straight-forward. This was made easier by our mindset and all the information and recipes that you can find online and in bookshops. I am sure a lot of people think we’re a bit weird, and vegan food must be strange, or boring, or un-filling, or lacking in protein; and they’re wrong (although we might be a bit weird and hippy-like at times 😉).

Vegan Wedding Photography

Vegan Wedding Photography

I have a vegan couple booked in October this year, and it’s made me think about all the other couples who would rather work with, and spend their wedding day with like minded individuals. Some vegan bride’s and groom’s will be happy with a non-vegan wedding photographer, but perhaps if they could find and choose a vegan wedding photographer, they would.

My vegan wedding photography is a documentary and natural style of photographing a wedding day. In a nutshell, it means that you can focus on your wedding day, spend time with your close friends and family, have fun, relax when you want to, and just forget I am there. I am not going to boss you or your guests around, or tell you to look at the camera and smile, and I will do my best to be discrete and help you be relaxed around me and my cameras.

If you’re planning a vegan wedding or an eco-friendly wedding, have a look through my approach as a documentary wedding photographer and let me know what you think.

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