Wedding Albums – Why I love them

As a documentary wedding photographer I want to present my work and my clients’ wedding day in the most beautiful way. Personally I think the handcrafted wedding albums from Folio Albums enables me to provide my clients with an amazing and ethical product to compliment their images.

Ethical Wedding Album

Folio Albums are based in Yorkshire and are focused on providing ethical products with a reduced impact on the environment. The business was born out of a search for a product that wasn’t available from a UK company; a digital fine art wedding album that is a work of art in it’s own right.

As technology progressed and the general public stopped using film cameras we also stopped printing our photos. Instead of printing, the majority of people viewed photos on their phones and computers, but generally these images disappear off into a digital history never to be seen again. I love to print my images and highly recommend that photos of a wedding day should be presented in large prints and albums for everyone to see on a regular basis. This is where Folio Albums helps as they create a range of products to present your wedding day in the most beautiful way.

Fine Art Album displayed on table

Wedding Album laid out flat

Materials and Colours

Album Colours

Folio wedding albums are available in different fabrics and colours to suit different tastes.

The available fabrics consist of silk, vintage leather, eco leather, cotton, and pastel & bold rayon-based material. Once you have chosen your material you can then select from up to eighteen colours.

Parent Albums

The parent album is a 6in x 6in mini copy of your larger wedding album and a great gift for your family and friends. The mini album is made in an identical way and uses the same quality materials to display your wedding day in a beautiful format. The mini album is available in eight cover choices made from 100% cotton, and you can also upgrade the cover to other fabrics including silk and leather.

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