There are many decisions to make when planning your wedding, choosing your wedding cake is an important task that needs to be done early on in the process. To help you get a head start I met with wedding cake maker Lesley Steel to discuss cake styles and see some of her wonderful work.

Plan ahead

Remember not to leave it too close to your wedding day as making your wedding cake will takes many days of planning, baking and decorating. Wedding cake makers such as Lesley will get booked up many months in advance just like the flower arrangers, photographers and suit hire companies.

Many wedding decisions need to be made by the couple and therefore it’s important for both the bride and groom to meet with the cake maker together. Lesley Steel has many years of experience and knows that if only the bride or groom attends the consultation meeting the cake design will change multiple times or someone will be disappointed later on.

Before meeting your cake maker, decide:

  • On your wedding theme as the cake will become an important centrepiece.
  • If you would like traditional fruit or a flavoured sponge cake. A fruit cake will double costs due to the ingredients and the fact marzipan will then be used in the design too. If your cake has large black elements included in the design the icing cost can be dramatically increased as you cannot create a high quality black icing with normal colouring techniques.
  • How many portions you would like (typically one portion per guest) and the size of each portion. Is the wedding cake going to be sent home with guests, or be part of the wedding breakfast?
  • If you would like a topper and what it should look like.
  • On potential flavours – maybe a lemon sponge with lemon and lime buttercream, or  perhaps chocolate sponge?
  • If there are any dietary issues you need to cater for.

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Also, don’t forget

Organise someone to be responsible for the cake and the base. This might be someone who works at the wedding venue, and getting a named contact is important just in case something goes wrong. If someone is responsible for the cake, the chances of it or the base going missing will be reduced.

Lesley Steel – wedding cake designer

Thank you to Lesley Steel for meeting me to discuss wedding cakes. Lesley is a very experienced wedding cake designer based in Liverpool.  Lesley’s contact details are:



Email –

Mobile – 07801 953 201

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