Wedding Photographer Preston

Wedding Photographer Preston

As a Wedding Photographer in Preston, my goal is for you to enjoy your wedding day, and kind of forget that I am there! That might sound a little odd, but if you forget I’m there, you can relax, have fun, and enjoy your wedding day. A lot of people don’t like having their photograph being taken, and therefore being told what to do, smile….look this way…..say cheese, etc is their worst nightmare. Even if you don’t feel that way, I bet a lot of your wedding guests do!  Have a think about why you want to hire a wedding photographer, and how they will impact the most important day of your life so far. If you want an amazing wedding photo story that stands out from the crowd, let me capture those real wedding moments that show all the emotion, fun, laughter, and tears.

Bride and Groom having their first dance with the other guests on the dance floor too.


Preston Weddings

Preston Weddings are great, whether you are planning a ceremony at Preston Registry Office, decide to hold a civil ceremony at one of the town’s hotels, like Preston MarriottBeeston ManorFarington Lodge, or you’re selecting a traditional church wedding, choosing your documentary wedding photographer should definitely be towards the top of your list. For your wedding day you need to think about your wedding photography and what styles you like. It’s definitely confusing when you first start to look through all the photographers’ websites, but after a little while your gut reaction should guide you to the best answer; If you hadn’t guessed, my style of wedding photography is documentary.

Documentary wedding photography is ideal for discreetly recording your wedding day; From the moment you’re getting ready, right through to your first dance, my wedding photography can show so much of the emotion and atmosphere that was present on your wedding day. My goal is to create images that bring a smile to your face every time you look at them. I honestly believe the photographs I take will be timeless and be enjoyed by many generations of your family, now and in the future.

Bride getting out of her traditional wedding car at the local church.


Documentary Wedding Photographer Preston

As a Documentary Wedding Photographer in Preston I am as unobtrusive as possible to capture those candid wedding photography images during the day. Some people simply feel awkward when they’re in front of the camera, and my relaxed and non-pressurised methods enables you and your guests to feel comfortable that I am there. At the end of every wedding day, the couple always comment about how calming I am to be around, and really appreciate how I knew when to be with there, or go and find other fun things to photograph.

I have written blog posts and other pages on my website about being a documentary wedding photographer and how that impacts the photographs, but also how you feel on your wedding day. I honestly believe that unplugged weddings also compliment this style of wedding photography, so have a read and feel free to comment on the posts or drop me a line for a chat.


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