As a Wedding Photographer in Preston, Lancashire I create beautiful and natural wedding photographs whilst providing a relaxed and unobtrusive experience. It’s not just about the wedding photographs when you’re hiring your local Preston wedding photographer, and that’s why I’d love to have a chat about your wedding and see if my approach to wedding photography is the best fit for you and your guests.

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Preston Weddings are great, whether you are planning a ceremony at Preston Registry Office, decide to hold a civil ceremony at one of the town’s hotels, like Preston MarriottBeeston ManorFarington Lodge, or you’re selecting a traditional church wedding, choosing your local wedding photographer in Preston should definitely be towards the top of your list. For your wedding day you need to think about your wedding photography and what styles you like; It’s definitely confusing when you first start to look through all the photographers’ websites, but after a little while your gut reaction should guide you to the best answer; If you hadn’t guessed, my style of wedding photography is documentary.

My wedding photography in Preston is ideal for discreetly recording your wedding day; From the moment you’re getting ready, right through to your first dance, my approach to wedding photography can show so much of the emotion and atmosphere that was present on your wedding day. My goal is to create images that bring a smile to your face every time you look at them. I honestly believe the photographs I take will be timeless and be enjoyed by many generations of your family, now and in the future.

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As a Documentary Wedding Photographer in Preston I am as unobtrusive as possible to capture those candid wedding photography images during the day. Some people simply feel awkward when they’re in front of the camera, and my relaxed and non-pressurised methods enables you and your guests to feel comfortable that I am there. At the end of every wedding day, the couple always comment about how calming I am to be around, and really appreciate how I knew when to be with there, or go and find other fun things to photograph.

I have written blog posts and other pages on my website about being a documentary wedding photographer and how that impacts the photographs, but also how you feel on your wedding day. I honestly believe that unplugged weddings also compliment this style of wedding photography, so have a read and feel free to comment on the posts or drop me a line for a chat.


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We provide natural and beautiful wedding photos in Preston through our relaxed and thoughtful approach to documentary wedding photography. Through our experience, we have found what we believe is a great balance of being close in the “action” of a wedding day, and when to stand back and get the wider story-telling views. Most couples will book their photographer on images and price, but there is more to it; That’s why I recommend having a chat with your potential wedding photographer before booking them, as this is one of the best ways to avoid any awkward surprises on or just before your wedding day.

You can either choose just one photographer (Steve), or if you wish to gain further coverage of your day and include photos of the groom getting ready, Jenna can photograph your wedding too. A lot of groom’s aren’t too keen on having their photograph taken whilst getting ready, but we know the groom prep photographs are for the bride and vice versa.

If you want to know more about the wedding photographer in Preston, just contact us here or using the Steve Chaplin Photography Facebook page.



how to find a wedding photographer in Preston, Lancashire

learning how to find a wedding photographer in Preston will vary for different couples. At the end of the day some couples view wedding photography as a commodity, and they’re ticking a box by booking a photographer.

The list: cake, photographer, menu, invitations, favours for the guests etc

Those people can book your photographer in the simplest way possible for yourself. eg go to a wedding fair in Preston and find all your suppliers in one day.

Other couples understand the value of their wedding photographs. It might seem cliche, but there are not many things left over after a wedding day. You have your rings on your fingers, the dress might be in a special presentation box, then it’s your memories and wedding photographs. When you look at it like that, it makes you think about how important your photographs are and it’s worthwhile spending some time thinking about your wedding photography experience.

Have a think about what style of Preston wedding photography will match what you like, and your ideal wedding experience. Questions to ask yourself:

Do you want a photographer at your wedding day?
Do you want to spend time posing for a camera and potentially be away from your wedding guests for a significant amount of time?
Would you prefer to be left alone to celebrate and enjoy your wedding day, whilst the photographer documents your story and creates beautiful and natural photographs?

Do some googling and find a few Preston wedding photographers that you love, check if they’re available on your wedding day and schedule some time to chat with them. I speak to many of my couples using Skype because we can chat face to face, but we don’t have to travel. Most people have busy lives for one reason or another, so a Skype chat means we can both be flexible on times to speak.

Remember when looking for your wedding photographer in Preston, it’s not just about the photos, it’s about the wedding experience too!

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