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Who’s photo was better? Mine or the smartphone?


Professional Wedding Photographer, yes or no?

There are a lot of couples who are choosing not to use a professional wedding photographer, and that worries me.

Why does it worry me?

A wedding day is really special, and it will be one of a kind. On this day two people will declare their love and intention to be together forever; two families are coming together, and your family and friends are there to support you and celebrate with you.

Surely you want such an important day to be photographed, allowing you to re-live all the moments time and time again? Your guests are there to celebrate and enjoy the day, not be pressurised into photographing your day.

How safe are your wedding photographs if you don’t choose a professional? Every time I meet a potential client for the first time I explain I NEVER want to tell them I have lost their wedding photographs! Therefore I lower as many risks as I can to make sure I don’t need to have that shocking conversation. I have processes during the day, and after I have left a wedding I backup all the photographs to multiple systems which include a secure online location. That’s one of the many reasons to choose a professional wedding photographer.

Why do couples do this?

This decision falls into a few categories:

They haven’t had the opportunity to understand the differences between your guests taking photos, and a skilled and experienced photographer capturing images all day long.

Weddings cost a lot of money, and a photographer might not fit in the budget.

They don’t like to have their photograph taken, so they don’t hire anyone. My opinion is that couples will regret this, because you will still have your photograph taken by the guests and you won’t escape those images being posted on social media within minutes. When a professional takes your photograph they’re looking for many elements and will not share a poor image with you personally, or on social media.

A friend has a big DSLR camera so surely they know what they’re doing?

Digital cameras are amazing and you can purchase good consumer cameras for £400-500, but they’re not the same as the cameras that a professional will use, but in reality it’s more about the photographers ability rather than the camera! Your friend might take some amazing photos of the countryside or their kids, but I guarantee that’s not the same as photographing a full wedding day and making sure you love your images and the experience of a photographer being present all day.

As a documentary wedding photographer I have multiple cameras, multiple lenses, lots of batteries, lots of memory cards to make sure I don’t run out of anything. I understand how important your wedding day is to you and your family, and I need to make sure that you’re not let down by lack of skill, lack of preparation or poor choices in camera technology.

All of our guests have smartphones

Your guests will take lots of photos, but they’re there to celebrate your wedding, not guarantee they will provide you with the best wedding day photos. On a lovely sunny day you can get some great images from a smartphone, but these conditions need to be perfect. A professional photographer is prepared to get the best photos in the different environments and situations throughout your wedding day. Remember that your guests will most likely be drinking alcohol and their photos will get gradually worse through the day 🙂

Do you have any questions that I can help with?

If you’re still unsure about what to do for your wedding photography, leave a comment below and I will try to help you.


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