Wiral family photographer

My latest family photoshoot in the Wirral was great fun, and along with playing at home, documenting normal family life, we also went for a trip to the beach. It’s great to photograph family life with no posing and staging photos. One of the great benefits of documentary family photography is making a record of real family life for everyone to look back on in the years to come.

When parents are taking photos of their kids it’s normal for them to ask their child to “smile for the camera” or “say cheese” etc. Mum and Dad understandably want a photo that includes their child’s face and a happy expression too. Personally, I find that most kids don’t have the best smile when told to do so, and the request for a photo stopped them from what they were doing; probably enjoying themselves! My documentary family photography solves this as I take photos of what is happening in your home, and leave the kids to enjoy themselves as normal.

What about Mum and Dad? Hey, Mum and Dad, you need to forget I’m there, and before you know it my presence will feel normal and you will enjoy the family photoshoot. I will photograph you in the same way I do the kids, no posing, I won’t direct you, and therefore I won’t make you feel stiff and awkward about having your photograph taken.

Below are some great examples of what’s normal for the Beland family. They play picnics with their three year old, she likes playing with her ice cream cart that she got for Christmas, and they often go to the local beach for a walk and to play in the sand. I think these photos will create better memories than a plain studio photograph, and there will be no stressful moments trying to get your kids to smile. Going to a photography studio can be strange for a child, however as my photographs take place in your family home and perhaps a familiar outside location it’s easy to relax and have a great time.

Black and white photo of a dad holding his younger daughter on his knee

Young family playing together at home

Documentary family photography

Dad tickling his daughter whilst playing picnics

Mum looking lovingly at her daughter playing

Young daughter licking her mums face

Little girl lying on her mum on the lounge floor

Young girl playing with her toy ice cream cart

Black and white photograph of mum playing with her daughter

Family photographer in the wiral merseyside

Young girl upside down in her mums arms

Dad helping his young daughter have lunch at the coffee table

Little girls bare feet

Young girl playing with her ice cream cart

Young girl in a red top with a mouth full of banana

Mum and daughter playing picnics on the lounge floor

Mum and young daughter lying on the floor together

Relaxed family photoshoot in the wiral

Dad playing with his young daughter in their home

Little girl playing with her toy record player on the lounge floor

Mum and Dad getting their little girl ready to go out

Mum brushing her little daughters hair

Little girl running to the car

Little girl in red coat being carried by her dad

Family walking down to the beach on a winters day

Family photoshoot on wiral beach

Family photography at cubbins green beach in the wirral

Dad and young daughter holding hands whilst they're walking down to the beach

Photo of mum and daughters wellies on the beach

Dad showing his daughter the cockles on the wirral beach

Dad helping his daughter during the beach family photoshoot

Close up photo of girl in her wellies squashing the sandcastle

Dad and daughter making a sandcastle at the wirral beach

Mum and dad lifting up their young daughter so she can squash her sandcastle

Dad walking along carrying his three year old daughter

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